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Travel Trends & Stories.

Travel has always been about the experience.

Blog posts

Your Service is Not Personalised Enough and Here's Why!

Can the Travel Industry Redefine Personalisation to Actually Include the Person?

Personalisation, as we know it, remembers the name but forgets the person. The travel brand that executes a truly personalised service will immediately distinguish their brand with travellers.


Will Banksy's Hotel redefine “Authentic Experience” in travel?

The making of authenticity requires a helping of Politics with a dash of celebrity

Authenticity has become the new traveller sensibility and the buying criteria by which consumers choose brands and products. What makes an experience authentic?


The Secret to Customer Loyalty in 2017: Be Authentic

Authenticity is determined by connection, not just content.

Customer Loyalty has become the Holy Grail of the travel industry. The secret to lasting loyalty is authenticity.


One Easy Fix For Airline Marketing

A simple tweak in content can increase engagement–you should try it!

Airline marketing can be difficult, here's a simple tweak that will help.


You Need A Brand To Create Loyalty: Five Simple Thoughts on Brand by Seth Godin

No Brand. No Loyalty.

Building a brand is the first step to creating customer loyalty.


An Airline's Brand is the greatest Defense against Google

Airlines will not beat Google in the search game but there is another way to succeed: build a brand

To combat a machine like Google airlines need to build a brand about human connection in the travel experience


Can Ryanair become the Amazon of Travel?

The Amazon of Travel might be equal parts Airbnb and a leading airline like Ryanair - with a dash of Google for good measure.

Many travel brands are seeking to own more of the customer journey, but becoming the Amazon of Travel will require a risk and commitment most brands lack the courage to make.


People - The Travel Industry's greatest Innovation in 2017

How the travel industry can rediscover their greatest asset: employees.

Pitted to be a travel industry trend in 2017, the rediscovery of a brand's greatest asset: humanity. Innovative Travel brands looking to differentiate in competitive markets need to empower their staff to forge connections with customers on an authentic level.


Is Michael O'Leary the Donald Trump of the Travel Industry?

A new season, a new challenge, a new strategy

Donald Trump and Michael O'Leary have employed similar strategies to become leaders. Will that strategy benefit them in the next challenge?

Ancillary Revenue

Adding Value: Netflix's Winning Formula.

An important lesson for Airlines

“How can we add more value to our customers?” said every exec at one time or another. How can a company create an experience for their customers that increases revenue and customer loyalty at the same time? It’s a billion dollar question ...


How Airlines Can Improve Engagement

A Lesson from Amazon, Netflix and Spotify

The greatest tragedy is most airlines have a database of past customers, a captive audience of subscribed travellers and still, content engagement is very poor.


Why Airbnb’s launch of Trips presents a great opportunity for airlines

What can airlines learn from Airbnb’s latest product and how can airlines respond?

We recognise that this is the perfect opportunity for the travel industry to follow Airbnb’s lead, and airlines are ideally positioned to take advantage and create that experience.


How the hell do we fill half empty planes to Diyarbakir?

How Airlines Can Sell New and Underperforming Routes

At the heart of improving the experience for your customers is a need for context, beyond basic demographics. Context is the why a traveler goes from A to B, not how.


Is Google a threat to airlines?

If so, What can be done?

Google should always be considered a competitor. Regardless of your business. Google knows your customers better than you do. It is a result of decades of customer satisfaction in search.

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